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Our hyper-connected world has made it increasingly easy to find the most talented people for your business, no matter where they are in the world — but that doesn’t mean bringing them to the United States is easy. Each case poses its own set of challenges.

Our clients rely on our forward-thinking legal advice and assistance when making hiring decisions. We want you to think of Younossi Law as the legal arm of your HR team: Call on our law firm when you’re drafting job requirements, reviewing the statuses of potential employees, or bringing your new hire to the United States.

We can help you develop a strategic immigration and hiring program that is centered on people, not bureaucracy. We will respect your time and goals — you’ll never be left wondering about the status of your petition — and we will help you move forward through the process, no matter how long it takes.

We work extensively with a number of industries:

The U.S. government offers many types of visas for employees who would like permanent residence status.

An attorney with Younossi Law can also help you understand common challenges and considerations, such as wait times and preference categories and employment-based criteria.

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