E-3 visas for Australian Professionals

Established by the READ ID Act of 2005, the E3 visa category was created for Australian professionals entering the United States to perform services in a specialty occupation. While the E3 visa category has similar characteristics to the H1B visa category, there are significant differences between the two classifications. The E3 visa category is similar to the H1B visa category in that the category subject to an annual numerical limitation of 10,500; the E3 visa category requires the employer to obtain a certified Labor Condition Application (LCA) and requires that the E3 national be employed in a specialty occupation in the United States with a United States sponsoring employer. However, the methods for securing an E3 visa and the nonimmigrant intent issues for the E3 vary from the H1B visa category. In addition, spouses of E3 visa holders may apply for and receive employment authorization. Premium processing is also not available for the E3 visa category.

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