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Apr 29, 2015 | News Clips

New York Times: Fewer Children Are Entering U.S. Illegally as Mexico Cracks Down
By Randal C. Archibold

AP: Immigrant Removals Continue to Decline Under Obama
Fox News Latino: Little hope seen for child migrants without lawyers trying to remain in U.S.

AP: Bilingual Bush talks immigration in Puerto Rico
By Danica Coto

New York Times: In Puerto Rico, Jeb Bush Says He Lives ‘the Immigrant Experience’
By Jeremy Peters

AP: Look Who’s Speaking Spanish: It’s the 2016 Republicans

Washington Post: How Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are making a play for the Hispanic vote (Wednesday and beyond)
By Jose DelReal

Bloomberg: Here’s the Hispanic Evangelical Pastor Leading His Flock to Jeb Bush
By Michael C. Bender

Washington Times: Scott Walker hits back at WSJ piece criticizing his legal immigration comments
By David Sherfinski

Washington Post: How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about
By Michael Cohen

AP: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to run for president
By Dave Gram and Ken Thomas

Politico: Telemundo gaining on Univision
By Dylan Byers

New York Times (Opinion): Repositioning Scott Walker
By Thomas B. Edsall

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Scott Walker, Labor Market Protectionist
By Noah Smith

The Hill (Op-Ed): GOP can get swing voters
By Dick Morris

USA Today (Op-Ed): Jeb Bush & Mike Huckabee need to talk immigration, education
By Samuel Rodriguez

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): How America’s Immigration Laws Tore My Family Apart For Good
By Rebekah Rodriguez-Lynn

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  • Afghan Couple Rip Atty, Marine's Bids To Ax Kidnapping Case November 29, 2022
    An Afghan child's family fired back Monday against bids to toss their lawsuit alleging that a Marine Corps judge advocate and his family kidnapped the child with the help of a lawyer in an illegal adoption proceeding, arguing the defendants' "twisted" dismissal bids ignore "detailed factual allegations" and misconstrue jurisdictional principles.

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