Immigration Report – May 14, 2015

May 14, 2015 | Immigration, Visa Bulletin

Department of State Releases June 2015 Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) has released the June 2015 Visa Bulletin.

Background: The availability of visas per category is based on numerical limits established by law.  Where a category is listed as “current”, any eligible beneficiary may proceed with the final stages of the green card process (in most cases, I-485 adjustment of status application) no matter what their priority date.  Where a cutoff date is listed for a particular category, only a beneficiary with a priority date on or before the cutoff date may proceed with the final stages of the green card process.  A priority date reflects the filing date of the first step toward a permanent residence.


The following is an overview of this month’s Visa Bulletin.  Please note, Visa Bulletins are published monthly, usually at mid-month.  Younossi Law closely monitors these bulletins on a monthly basis so as to strategize permanent residency filings accordingly with clients.

First Preference (EB1)

All categories are current.  This category is reserved for priority workers including foreign nationals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, art, education, business or athletics; outstanding professors or researchers with at least three years of experience; and multi-national executives and managers)

Second Preference (EB2)

This category is reserved for foreign nationals of exceptional ability and those holding advanced degrees in the arts, sciences or business.

China — China EB-2 cases have advanced from 06/01/2012 to 06/01/2013.
India — India EB-2 cases have advanced from 04/15/2008 to 10/01/2008.
All Other Countries — Remain current

Third Preference (EB3)

This category is reserved for skilled workers who have at least two years of training or experience; professionals who have at least a bachelor’s degree; and other workers.

China — China EB-3 cases have advanced from 05/01/2011 to 09/01/2011
India — India EB-3 cases have advanced from 01/15/2004 to 01/22/2004.
Mexico — Mexico EB-3 cases have advanced from 01/01/2015 to 02/15/2015.
Philippines — Philippines EB-3 cases have retrogressed from 07/01/2007 to 01/01/2005.
All Other Countries — EB-3 cases have advanced from 01/01/2015 to 02/15/2015.


The Department of State publishes the Visa Bulletin on a monthly basis.  The Visa Bulletin for June 2015 can be found at


Should you have questions regarding this Immigration Report, please contact the immigration professional with whom you usually work at Younossi Law.

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