Get the team you need.

Our process starts with a thoughtfully chosen team that will get to know you, your needs, and your goals. Your legal representation will be the best fit for your case, not government statute.

We’ll always be here.

Every lawyer, paralegal, and staff member answers the phone, returns messages, and replies to emails. Always. It’s part of our commitment to providing personal, tailored legal advice to every one of our clients.

We keep an eye on your budget and your time.

Immigration is a costly experience, but we start saving money the moment you call us by carefully considering your resources and how we can best our lawyers and team can serve you. We are upfront about our billing process and creative in our solutions.

Business solutions that work.

Don’t let immigration bureaucracy keep you from hiring the best person for the job. We’ll make sure you have the information and options you need to make the best, most ethical decisions for your company.

We work across all industries.

Our attorneys are here to help businesses thrive, from start-ups to multi-national corporations. Our experience includes industries such as food retail, financial services, digital imaging, mobile technology, international freight, biotechnology, high tech, and more.

We can handle your work, no matter where you are located, from our office in the hub of Northern California. If you need the best immigration attorneys on your team, call us.